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Basin Lucy 178E

GAR Precision 810

GAR Prime Time 2409

Quaker Hill Blackcap 1H8

HRF Abigale P35 9377 5175



EST 1992





Craigmore Farm is a North American Black Angus seedstock producer located in Schomberg, Ontario. We are members of the American and Canadian Angus Associations and have been active with Scottish cattle breeds since 1982.

Our U.S. based Donor Cow Program is centered at Cross Country Genetics North in Kansas and genetics from our donor cows are through a network of alliances and partnerships throughout the 50 states and Canada.

We are privileged to have owned some of the elite donor cows in the Angus breed, including the now deceased $410,000 Basin Lucy 178E; the now deceased $500,000 valued GAR Precision 810; the $430,000 living legend GAR Prime Time 2409; the $130,000 valued Quaker Hill Blackcap 1H8 and HRF Abigale P35 9377 5175, the current #1 parent cow in the Angus Breed for Weaning Weight EPD, Yearling Weight EPD and "$Feedlot" EPD.




Expected Progeny Differences (EPD's) The Great Equalizer

We appreciate that genetic selections for positive cattle traits is a balancing act - producers must meet the demands of the marketplace, but they also need to deal with the realities of their home farm environment. After 30 plus years of EPD cattle data analysis on more than 1 million animals, we know that there are certain growth traits that correlate with each other. For example, higher growth cattle tend to have higher birth weights, more calving difficulty and a larger mature size. Intense selection for marbling tends to increase back fat and reduce retail product! However, as cattle that defy these correlations are identified using EPD's, it becomes possible to select for those specific traits and effect positive change in a much shorter period of time.

Producers are paid by the pound, so the goal is to produce pounds! Now, because of EPD's, it is possible to select against high birth weights and large mature size and instead focus on low birth weights , rapid, efficient growth and increased marbling! Plus now, selection pressure from carcass merit can be applied without jeopardizing fertility ability in females.



Today's reality is that selection for positive traits is sound financial management practice. And with the strides made in embryo transfer and artificial insemination, the playing field has become a lot more even.

Genetic engineering using AI and embryo transfer allows any breeder with modest means to develop real world cattle that can make a significant impact on the breed - AND on their bottom line. Whether your focus is on Marbling, Ribeye, Maternal Performance, Phenotype or pounds on the ground, heifer offspring from one of our outlier donor cows, mated to one of the breed's top bulls could be the cornerstone production cow you are looking for.

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