Long with straight top line, deep body with a good spring of ribs Mature Weight between 110-120 kilograms


Showing good length, Depth & Width Feminine Type Great balance on her legs Mature Weight should be between 70-80 kilograms

At Craigmore Farm, we believe Australian White Sheep are the future of the high-end lamb meat industry in Canada!

In Australia, it is no longer unusual to see commercial, F1 and F2, rams and ewe lambs selling for up to $1000 per head. The current top price for a Stud Ram from Tattykeel, the birthplace of the breed is $53000! The average ram brings over $5000!

Restaurant chefs at prestigious Michelin Star Restaurants and the best Food Service Companies around the world rave about the eating quality and tenderness of this “Wagyu Lamb meat!’

Research done by Tattykeel at James Cook University confirms that Australian white Lamb meat has the same low melting point of fat consistent with quality Wagyu beef, tenderness and is high in Omega 3 (good healthy fat). This lamb meat is healthy enough to recommend in a diabetic diet. A GAME CHANGER!