At the Kobe Lamb Group Inc., our objective is not to be a supplier for the established Food Distribution Chain! Instead of relying on catchy Marketing Agency developed cliches, like “grown within 100 km of home”, “naturally raised”, “corn fed”, or a multitude of other carefully crafted messages that only serve to repackage the same old product, we have a different idea – PUT THE CONSUMER FIRST! ELIMINATE INCONSISTENCY AND PROVIDE A 5 STAR EATING EXPERIENCE EACH AND EVERYTIME!

Our Kotta lamb is harvested from our own sheep, breeds that are known to produce Marbling naturally in their meat. We do not buy lamb or beef from other producers and then sell it as our own. In order to maintain consistency and quality, we need to control two things: the genetic base and our feed source.

Our Wagyu and Black Angus cattle, have been carefully selected over generations. Many have been DNA tested to be in the top 1 – 10% of their breed for Marbling and Tenderness. We sell both 100% Prime Full Blood Wagyu, and our Prime Wagyu / Black Angus “Kotta” beef. Our experience has been that a top Marbling Wagyu Bull, mated to a top Marbling Black Angus female, produces a consistent Prime 5 Star eating experience and value for the consumer. Our Premium Quality, Prime Kotta branded beef is a 75% Wagyu and 25% Black Angus cross.


The cost of running a restaurant can be staggering, with no guarantee that your vision will be successful. While we can agree that portion control and product size are important, two major factors that can negatively affect any consumer oriented business are, inconsistency of product and lack of a quality eating experience! Study after consumer study, show that customers will pay double for a consistent 5 Star quality eating experience. Our focus is twofold!

  1. Eliminate product inconsistency
  2. Provides a consistent 5 Star eating experience


Our meat products, have been developed from the best natural Marbling genetics with the assistance of Scientific testing, and DNA analysis. Wherever we can, we apply technology and data to make our product better.

Instead of using worn out Marketing slogans, cheap GMO corn or antibiotic feed additives to plump up our animals unnaturally, both cattle and lambs are fed from non- GMO mixed grasses, hay, and corn silage, grown by us under our supervision! We control every single step of the feeding process. This process goes a long way towards producing consistency.

Our sheep breeds are moderate sized, not mammoth, and they are brought along slowly. You cannot rush quality!

Producing quality products with 5 Star Consumer Acceptance, is not an inexpensive proposition. You will never find our products in your local grocery store, or at discount food chains. Our market focus will continue to be quality restaurants and butcher shops. From time to time, our product will be made available direct to consumers who fully appreciate a quality eating experience.

Contact us at info@kobelambgroup.com to check on availability and pricing!