For Sale

A) Selling Breeding Stock

With a flock of more than 1,000 producing ewes, Craigmore Farm is one of the largest seedstock breeders of Registered Commercial Rideau Arcott and Romanov sheep in Ontario. Our animals are raised indoors for most of the year and we breed on a year round basis.

Herd Health: Our flock is free of Scrapie and we are enrolled in the Ontario Sheep Maedi Visna program. Our flock is checked regularly for diseases that can severely affect production. Examples would be Caseous, Listeriosis, Coccidiosis, Chlamydia and Parasites. Disease can rob a customer of the kind of production needed to turn a profit. For that reason, we cull any animal that even shows a symptom of a problem. We have a regular vaccination program to safeguard the health of any animal that leaves our farm.

Performance: All registered and commercial animals are weighed at birth, 50 days and 100 days. All 100 day old rams and ewes are ultrasound scanned for two Backfat measurements and Loin area.

All birth, 50 day and 100 day weight plus Ultrasound scans are submitted to Genovis Canada for evaluation. Genovis then sends us important information needed to evaluate our breeding stock, allowing us to continually improve flock Genetics and Performance

Breeding Stock for Sale: We would not sell any animal that we would not retain for ourselves for breeding purposes. Commercial and Registered ewes and rams are sometimes available throughout the year. Because of our overall programm, our animals cost a bit more. But, as the saying goes, you “get what you pay for”!

B) Commercial Meat Carcass Sales

The Japanese word “KOTTA” means exquisite. It is our Trademark Pending name that summarizes the quality eating experience of our meat products!

We did not select the Rideau Arcott and Romanov breeds by accident! Rideau Arcott and Romanovs are at the very top of sheep meat breeds in Canada when it comes to Intra Muscular Fat (IMF) or Marbling! The Rideau Arcott, Romanov and Finnsheep breeds are the top 3 breeds in Canada for Marbling. Marbling is not that backfat that surrounds the outside of a meat cut. It is ingrained in the fiber of the meat as thin white grains of fat that is actually good for you! Those thin white streaks cook off in the oven but it is what gives our lamb its tenderness and flavour.

At Craigmore, we feed our animals a mix of the best quality hay and balage with real natural grains meant to enhance Omega 3 content, flavour and tenderness. For the customer, that spells a quality, consistent eating experience.

One of the biggest issues facing the Commercial Food Industry is a lack of product consistency. There is no need for the consumer to have to gamble on the quality of their eating experience- good one day and bad the next. The origins of that inconsistent eating experience traces back to the producer. The distribution system does not pay a premium for a superior raised product, In fact, good and bad producers are paid the same. A superior product costs more to produce. If there is no premium paid, there is no incentive for producers to provide that superior product. Who does that hurt? The answer is the consumer! Until Now! When you see our Craigmore Farm KOTTA Lamb label on your favourite cut of lamb, you know you are getting the best product we know how to raise. It costs a bit more but isn’t it worth it to get the best!

Summary and Benefits

Craigmore Farm and its subsidiary The Kobe Lamb Group Ltd. have the first flock of Tattykeel Australian White Rams and Producing Ewes on Canadian soil.

Specific cuts of fresh (and frozen) lamb will be distributed direct to Consumers through Craigmore Farm and Kobe Lamb Group Ltd. Via our website Commercial and Restaurant Distribution will also be available in 4th quarter, 2021 and early 2022.

Benefits to the Consumer and the Commercial trade are:

  1. Superior Quality eating experiences with high consumer acceptance.
  2. Consistency of product with exceptional Tenderness and Marbling.
  3. High in Omega 3 (good Cholesterol) due to low melting point of the fat.
  4. Lamb is the most Alkaline of all Red Meats which makes it suitable for Diabetic diets.
  5. No “gamey” or greasy lamb taste. Tastes like no other lamb available.
  6. Australian White Lamb is finished with non GMO gross, balage and grain for a Natural Eating Experience.

1.) May/2020 Genetics of Omega 3 and Meat Eating Quality in Tattykeel Australian White Lamb S.B. Reason, J.R. Otto, R. Hearlimaan, A.M. Bodd et al.

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